Julie Pontarelli


The local ITEX business is growing! And now we have hired a LOCAL Trade Director. Julie Pontarelli will be your local contact to help you promote your goods and services and also to help you find products and services throughout the ITEX network that you can buy with your Trade Dollars. Julie will be working in our local ITEX offices at 950 Taylor St. in Grand Haven. She will be your contact for anything ITEX. You can order scrip through Julie, as well. Her email address is: julie.pontarelli@itex.net. Please help welcome Julie to the world of ITEX...she will be reaching out to you shortly to learn more about your business and to see how she can help promote your company and/or to find you things to spend your ITEX Dollars on. Also, forward her any referrals that you'd like to see in our barter system--you'll get three months of association fees waived for each referral that joins. Thank you for your support.